sHeera n Aina

Friday, 19 October 2012

arabian karaoke?

haloo2!! wassup2!! hee..wanna tell u guys that my arab class is going to be fun starting from today n the next2 class.just now, we sang negaraku n jalur gemilang in arabic. for my friends that taking mandarin class, just to say 'korang ade??' hahah..*evil laugh* Then, we sang arabic song using ST12 rythm.ahah.maybe ustaz one of the Indonesian's song fans. looks like my ustaz turn out to be stylo. two thumbs up! hahah. super excited for the next class. can't wait for it.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

black monday!!!

arghhhh!!! what a black monday!! my day was such unlucky on last monday. it started with my Law class should begin at 10.30 am. but then I received a message said that my class will start at 2 PM and it made me felt like to eat someone as I was about to leave my house at 9.30 AM. can u imagine how pity I am?? then, I nearly be a sandwich when the lift was about to close on the time I was walk into the lift. the next tragedy was my delicious ice-cream fell right after 30 seconds from the time I bought it. That make me feel like to scream out loud as I recall those 'sweet memories', I bear in my mind that be EXTRA careful on monday. don't let your nice day be a bad and very bad day..okay XOXO!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

star gazing??

heee. my mgt 417 was cancelled today. so i took an oppurtunity to update my blog. of course la.
last night was my first time out for eating with my housemates. we went to fasa 2 with kak yang's car. ahah. i was super excited as my life was so dull n boring when i just sit n staying at home. after that, we went to cyber cafe for photostat that named cc arab. the name of that cyber cafe was just attractive as once i see it.  it's my first time too heard about that. everything last night was the first time for me. hahah. about the star gazing, it,s just me did that. i love to see the beautiful sky n shining star at night. looks like my story getting longer as i wanna do an essay. yala. my current daily routine just not as amazing or wonderful as u guys. everyday i wake up, go to class n then go home. it's just like my life at puncak alam is around fasa 3 n campus. huwaa!! so boring. and i really didn't like it!! meaning that, i must make frioends as many as i can. okay. many things to do now. wait 4 my latest update ya. done!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

life as a NR student..

haish.. it' s just a very tired day if class was cancel. ahhh.. me  and sheera have to find any spot that we can sit or do something..or also can referred as 'merempat'? hahah.. our favourite spot of course la IT centre. so that we can google up anything.. but after pass half an hour, we just like 'what to do??' so, be thankful u guys that staying in hostel..

Monday, 1 October 2012

my first post...

hee..just created my blog.hope that it'll give me a lot of fun n knowledge.
maybe? to all my beloved classmates, hope that we'll get along happily together..