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Monday, 19 November 2012

Allah's greatest gift..

There’s a story behind every friendship. Each friend I make starting with my kindergarten era, an awesome memories in my primary and secondary period, unforgettable sad and happy moments in my foundation, valuable experience at my work place, until my journey that along to go in degree, there is a greatest gift from Allah that I appreciate the most. It is my beloved FRIENDS that always there to support me whenever I need it. I’m grateful and thank God for blessing me every moment by sending me friends that are simply amazing. I know nothing last forever and we won’t stay together but I’m glad that every morning I wake up I still have you guys as my friends. It just can’t explain by words as no words can describe my gratefulness. Therefore, I wanna take a big opportunity to express my infinite thanks to my valued friends that always on my side. Love you guys damn much! Lots of love, Aina.

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