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Monday, 19 November 2012

My favourite?

LISA SURIHANI. I don’t know when I started like her much. Maybe after I watching her speaking fluently in English in Bella. Oh ya! Bella is one of the women talk program same like Wanita Hari Ini. Then, I started look forward for her personal qualities within. Besides her beauty, she has a complete package as an icon for teenagers like me. She is educated one from United Kingdom though. Plus, for God’s sake, she had a degree in LAW which is back then my dream to have one. Not to forget, the way she fit in with public especially her fans. She is humble, soft spoken and well- mannered. I love the way she smile and laugh. Just sweet and cute. For those reasons, I made her as one of my role model.  Some said it’s hypocrite to be like others but for me, it’s called self- satisfaction. Do what makes you happy. Life isn’t that long to wait. Till then, bye! 

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