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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

star gazing??

heee. my mgt 417 was cancelled today. so i took an oppurtunity to update my blog. of course la.
last night was my first time out for eating with my housemates. we went to fasa 2 with kak yang's car. ahah. i was super excited as my life was so dull n boring when i just sit n staying at home. after that, we went to cyber cafe for photostat that named cc arab. the name of that cyber cafe was just attractive as once i see it.  it's my first time too heard about that. everything last night was the first time for me. hahah. about the star gazing, it,s just me did that. i love to see the beautiful sky n shining star at night. looks like my story getting longer as i wanna do an essay. yala. my current daily routine just not as amazing or wonderful as u guys. everyday i wake up, go to class n then go home. it's just like my life at puncak alam is around fasa 3 n campus. huwaa!! so boring. and i really didn't like it!! meaning that, i must make frioends as many as i can. okay. many things to do now. wait 4 my latest update ya. done!

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