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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

will my dreams become true??

Hi there! do u have been thinking for ur future planning? I just did it two days ago after I saw my sisters did their assignment about financial planning for their upcoming life. Therefore, I got an idea to post all my dreams that how I wish they'll become reality. alright! firstly, I wanna introduce my gorgeous husband.. He works as pilot at Air Asia for 3 years.After I married to him, we got two babies which are one prince and one princess..

charming sweetheart,

the adorable, MUHAMMAD IMAN 

the beautiful one, NUR ARISSA YASMIN

                         Then, I wanna show u our beautiful home sweet home at Damansara Height..

     A gift from adam's parents.
                            just nice and comfortable

Okay, next is my beloved car, blue SWIFT. I really worked hard as wedding planner to own one swift.

cute and sporty

Since my family is getting bigger with the born of active children, so me and Adam had decided to buy MPV car. We want to give the best for our children's comfort. 

comfortable and affordable,Toyota Prius

Hahah. It's so amazing to imagine that. I pray everyday and ask Allah to make my dreams come true. Plus, it's not a crime to dream. Those dreams will motivate u to achieve the best in ur life. Right? okay then, wait for my upcoming post soon. Lots of loves, AINA.

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  1. Awww how nice. -_-
    Anyway, nice blog u have there !