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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

mood goes down :(

don't know why. but i do feel depressed at this time. maybe too think outside the box? hee. have I? maybe it's the examination just around the corner. too much tings to cover. too much revision to do. too much terms to remember. arghhhhh!!! seriously wanna let myself drowning in pool. at least I can feel more relax. ahhh.such a heaven. plus, this upcoming test which is law subject also make me uder pressure. there about more or less 100 provisions that I have to memorise together with cases. don't u feel the same like I do? people said, study at the beginning of the semester. so that u're not push urself too hard when the exam is about to come. but my pattern just like 360 degree upside down. I do feel that study last minutes always long lasting and much more to be remembered than the others ways. after all, different people have different pattern to study. right? so, cheer up AINA!! take note on this. you can't give up even if allyou do is cry. swallow your tears. stand up on your own two feet and show them that you aren't giving up. NO MATTER WHAT!! this qoutes also for u guys out there that in the situation same like me. last words, do what makes u happy and not to forget the consequences that came with it. always choose the right path ok? till then, lots of loves, AINA.      

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