sHeera n Aina

Sunday, 20 January 2013

for HER...

Hi there! disebabkan ada seorang kawan saya ni da buat saya terharu, maka saya di sini pon ingin mendedikasikan something for my favourite friend and she’ll always be... n promise me that u’ll never ever bring up  this matter again..tahu je la malu saye nnt mcm mne..hee..

Here we go..
I have a friend that always be there for me.
Not even when i’m  happy but even when i’m upset.
She’ll do anything for me. Maybe can be said as everything like she always said.
She hear all my complaints, my never ever stop whining and all my pointless dramas.
She make up my day with her jokes and stories of abang ipar.

I figured out that we can be connected in a mysterious way without even speaking. we think the same thing and just say the word as the same. maybe we have an amazing magical powers that tied us together.