sHeera n Aina

Monday, 1 July 2013


be good. such a simple saying. but to be in that way, to be the one, it takes me long enough till today. I do hope I never too late to change. I do hope this person you seeing would be somehow better than before. someone that change for good. someone that parents would proud of. for me to change people, I have to change first. I have to be good first. we always have a chance to become better. either to take it or to leave it. how many chances that I stood up for I wouldn't know. Allah do love His servants by providing many chances without us notice. we just move on our life and remain in the same spot. O Allah! I seek for Your forgiveness for ignoring you and coming back to You for something. I seek for Your guidance to take me along the truth path. Islam is not "we are better than you". Islam is about "let me show you something that is better for you" even so I'm ignoring you, You won't leave me alone. yet, You are thousands closer. O Allah! bring me back to the right path. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013


hi there! it's been a while since my last entry. it just that me don't know what to write about. there are a lot of things that just can't put into words, it just meant to be keep inside. problems. always come in a way. but thank you for making me a stronger and growing up girl. you taught me very well. sometimes things that we want so damn much just not right to be ours. I learnt that a long time ago. even how hard I try how often I pray for that it just not gonna be mine. it's not that I'm giving up but I just putting my hopes a bit lower so that I'm not gonna hurt so much. but I'm holding onto this forever ' put your faith on Allah. He will never disappoint you'  it's kind a bit relief by writing these down. I just hope everything is gonna be okay. till then, hugs kisses readers! 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

for HER...

Hi there! disebabkan ada seorang kawan saya ni da buat saya terharu, maka saya di sini pon ingin mendedikasikan something for my favourite friend and she’ll always be... n promise me that u’ll never ever bring up  this matter again..tahu je la malu saye nnt mcm mne..hee..

Here we go..
I have a friend that always be there for me.
Not even when i’m  happy but even when i’m upset.
She’ll do anything for me. Maybe can be said as everything like she always said.
She hear all my complaints, my never ever stop whining and all my pointless dramas.
She make up my day with her jokes and stories of abang ipar.

I figured out that we can be connected in a mysterious way without even speaking. we think the same thing and just say the word as the same. maybe we have an amazing magical powers that tied us together.

Friday, 14 December 2012

my worst week!!

wuwuwuwu!!! starting from my blog presentation that seems not smoothly presented. I was like very nervous until I didn't know what I'm talking in the front of sir n friends. my friends said instead of presenting my blog, I was dancing with my clumsiness. wuuwuuwuu!! what a shame!! then my kawad test which also didn't go well. I was being scolded by the teacher since I didn't wear my matrix card n my nail quite long he said during the inspection. Sheera said I grabbed all for the untidiness. during the test, our movements also caused  a big laugh to the audiences. we didn't learn some of the movements n I'm dead sure u guys can guess what happen during the test. yeah! its such a snake moves. but after all these things, I'm quite relief n can breath smoothly even I can't let go the sense of regret for my unpleasant week. fuhh!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

will my dreams become true??

Hi there! do u have been thinking for ur future planning? I just did it two days ago after I saw my sisters did their assignment about financial planning for their upcoming life. Therefore, I got an idea to post all my dreams that how I wish they'll become reality. alright! firstly, I wanna introduce my gorgeous husband.. He works as pilot at Air Asia for 3 years.After I married to him, we got two babies which are one prince and one princess..

charming sweetheart,

the adorable, MUHAMMAD IMAN 

the beautiful one, NUR ARISSA YASMIN

                         Then, I wanna show u our beautiful home sweet home at Damansara Height..

     A gift from adam's parents.
                            just nice and comfortable

Okay, next is my beloved car, blue SWIFT. I really worked hard as wedding planner to own one swift.

cute and sporty

Since my family is getting bigger with the born of active children, so me and Adam had decided to buy MPV car. We want to give the best for our children's comfort. 

comfortable and affordable,Toyota Prius

Hahah. It's so amazing to imagine that. I pray everyday and ask Allah to make my dreams come true. Plus, it's not a crime to dream. Those dreams will motivate u to achieve the best in ur life. Right? okay then, wait for my upcoming post soon. Lots of loves, AINA.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

movie of the day.. I just watched twilight breaking dawn 2. and guess what? it was never been bored than other twilight series. such a waste for 14 dollar on that movie. It was okay for the beginning of the story. but then the climax one that I felt this story such a stupid! I really thought all the great actions was happened. but it didn't go that way. it just a vision of Alice which is one of the vampire in that story. but overall, this story still catch my attention to watch it as I 'm one of the die-hard fan of Robert Pattinson. so guys, watch it! maybe your point of view are different from mine. okay, wait for my next post. Lots of love, AINA.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

mood goes down :(

don't know why. but i do feel depressed at this time. maybe too think outside the box? hee. have I? maybe it's the examination just around the corner. too much tings to cover. too much revision to do. too much terms to remember. arghhhhh!!! seriously wanna let myself drowning in pool. at least I can feel more relax. ahhh.such a heaven. plus, this upcoming test which is law subject also make me uder pressure. there about more or less 100 provisions that I have to memorise together with cases. don't u feel the same like I do? people said, study at the beginning of the semester. so that u're not push urself too hard when the exam is about to come. but my pattern just like 360 degree upside down. I do feel that study last minutes always long lasting and much more to be remembered than the others ways. after all, different people have different pattern to study. right? so, cheer up AINA!! take note on this. you can't give up even if allyou do is cry. swallow your tears. stand up on your own two feet and show them that you aren't giving up. NO MATTER WHAT!! this qoutes also for u guys out there that in the situation same like me. last words, do what makes u happy and not to forget the consequences that came with it. always choose the right path ok? till then, lots of loves, AINA.