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Friday, 14 December 2012

my worst week!!

wuwuwuwu!!! starting from my blog presentation that seems not smoothly presented. I was like very nervous until I didn't know what I'm talking in the front of sir n friends. my friends said instead of presenting my blog, I was dancing with my clumsiness. wuuwuuwuu!! what a shame!! then my kawad test which also didn't go well. I was being scolded by the teacher since I didn't wear my matrix card n my nail quite long he said during the inspection. Sheera said I grabbed all for the untidiness. during the test, our movements also caused  a big laugh to the audiences. we didn't learn some of the movements n I'm dead sure u guys can guess what happen during the test. yeah! its such a snake moves. but after all these things, I'm quite relief n can breath smoothly even I can't let go the sense of regret for my unpleasant week. fuhh!!

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