sHeera n Aina

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

will my dreams become true??

Hi there! do u have been thinking for ur future planning? I just did it two days ago after I saw my sisters did their assignment about financial planning for their upcoming life. Therefore, I got an idea to post all my dreams that how I wish they'll become reality. alright! firstly, I wanna introduce my gorgeous husband.. He works as pilot at Air Asia for 3 years.After I married to him, we got two babies which are one prince and one princess..

charming sweetheart,

the adorable, MUHAMMAD IMAN 

the beautiful one, NUR ARISSA YASMIN

                         Then, I wanna show u our beautiful home sweet home at Damansara Height..

     A gift from adam's parents.
                            just nice and comfortable

Okay, next is my beloved car, blue SWIFT. I really worked hard as wedding planner to own one swift.

cute and sporty

Since my family is getting bigger with the born of active children, so me and Adam had decided to buy MPV car. We want to give the best for our children's comfort. 

comfortable and affordable,Toyota Prius

Hahah. It's so amazing to imagine that. I pray everyday and ask Allah to make my dreams come true. Plus, it's not a crime to dream. Those dreams will motivate u to achieve the best in ur life. Right? okay then, wait for my upcoming post soon. Lots of loves, AINA.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

movie of the day.. I just watched twilight breaking dawn 2. and guess what? it was never been bored than other twilight series. such a waste for 14 dollar on that movie. It was okay for the beginning of the story. but then the climax one that I felt this story such a stupid! I really thought all the great actions was happened. but it didn't go that way. it just a vision of Alice which is one of the vampire in that story. but overall, this story still catch my attention to watch it as I 'm one of the die-hard fan of Robert Pattinson. so guys, watch it! maybe your point of view are different from mine. okay, wait for my next post. Lots of love, AINA.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

mood goes down :(

don't know why. but i do feel depressed at this time. maybe too think outside the box? hee. have I? maybe it's the examination just around the corner. too much tings to cover. too much revision to do. too much terms to remember. arghhhhh!!! seriously wanna let myself drowning in pool. at least I can feel more relax. ahhh.such a heaven. plus, this upcoming test which is law subject also make me uder pressure. there about more or less 100 provisions that I have to memorise together with cases. don't u feel the same like I do? people said, study at the beginning of the semester. so that u're not push urself too hard when the exam is about to come. but my pattern just like 360 degree upside down. I do feel that study last minutes always long lasting and much more to be remembered than the others ways. after all, different people have different pattern to study. right? so, cheer up AINA!! take note on this. you can't give up even if allyou do is cry. swallow your tears. stand up on your own two feet and show them that you aren't giving up. NO MATTER WHAT!! this qoutes also for u guys out there that in the situation same like me. last words, do what makes u happy and not to forget the consequences that came with it. always choose the right path ok? till then, lots of loves, AINA.      

Monday, 19 November 2012

Own cats, no stress!

 Hello friends. Hope in pretty good shape. Oh? You’re not? Hee. Then let me tell you one way to make up your day with better condition of health. Don’t you know that cats can release your tense and put a bright smile on your face with their cute and funny actions. Me myself can be straight away happy and smile whenever my cats did something funny. It likes to play either with something or someone as long as they’re moving. It knows whenever we ask them to come. Plus, they also know when we’re expressing our love to them. Besides, don’t you agree that cats are too cute to put them aside? If you don’t then I really do. For those who don’t like cats, you have to try to own one. Then you’ll know the feeling I’m talking about. Alright. See you soon. Lots of love, Aina.

My favourite?

LISA SURIHANI. I don’t know when I started like her much. Maybe after I watching her speaking fluently in English in Bella. Oh ya! Bella is one of the women talk program same like Wanita Hari Ini. Then, I started look forward for her personal qualities within. Besides her beauty, she has a complete package as an icon for teenagers like me. She is educated one from United Kingdom though. Plus, for God’s sake, she had a degree in LAW which is back then my dream to have one. Not to forget, the way she fit in with public especially her fans. She is humble, soft spoken and well- mannered. I love the way she smile and laugh. Just sweet and cute. For those reasons, I made her as one of my role model.  Some said it’s hypocrite to be like others but for me, it’s called self- satisfaction. Do what makes you happy. Life isn’t that long to wait. Till then, bye! 

Allah's greatest gift..

There’s a story behind every friendship. Each friend I make starting with my kindergarten era, an awesome memories in my primary and secondary period, unforgettable sad and happy moments in my foundation, valuable experience at my work place, until my journey that along to go in degree, there is a greatest gift from Allah that I appreciate the most. It is my beloved FRIENDS that always there to support me whenever I need it. I’m grateful and thank God for blessing me every moment by sending me friends that are simply amazing. I know nothing last forever and we won’t stay together but I’m glad that every morning I wake up I still have you guys as my friends. It just can’t explain by words as no words can describe my gratefulness. Therefore, I wanna take a big opportunity to express my infinite thanks to my valued friends that always on my side. Love you guys damn much! Lots of love, Aina.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The best story ever!!

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post right? I’m one busy girl la. hahah. We had to attend Kemahiran Insaniah for two days. it was tiring me badly. but i had so much fun though. Alright guys. Here I wanna promote one story that I‘ve been watched about 5 times. Feeling eager to know?? Come n join me as one of the die-hard-fan Robert Pattinson or the one that I adore so much, Edward Cullen. Bingo! Nothing else except TWILIGHT!! I’m dead sure that all of you know this story, right?  I can’t wait for the next part of twilight on this 22 November. Take note guys!! I know it’s on Thursday. It’s not a big deal la. We have many days and a little bit free time to go for it. Hee.  But, have a trust on me. I can assure you that the best word to describe twilight is awesome! Plus this coming part is a climax of the story. You’ll watch Kristen Stewart or Bella Swan changed to vampire as well as the rise of her baby, Reneesmee. Actually, there’s a lot to tell dear. So you have to watch it by yourselves. No worries for those who haven’t follow from the beginning of the story. Because they’ll tell you the previous part of it. Okay. Done with promotion! Bye!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Eiduladha 2012

I know it can be called as outdated, but I just wanna share a few of my pictures and stories during my happening Eiduladha. This year, my family on my father’s side are overdose happy with the born of my cute little niece, Soffeea. Soffeea became princess of the day and never left alone even for a second. She’s being passed from one person to another. Even her parents had no chance to hold her. We’d thrown too much attention to her since she’s started to walk. She’s just too cute to put aside. She will pull anything or anyone to get herself up.  With the cute hair band on her head, beautiful gown and a pair of stockings that made her look like wearing shoes just made her even more cuter. But, don’t be tricked by her appearance. She can be aggressive at a time and make it difficult for us to handle. She even pulled out her cute stockings by her teeth. Can you imagine that? That’s one of her way to show that she was tired. After all, she is one of the greatest gifts from Allah for our Eiduladha this year. Okay. Wait for my next story! Lots of love, Aina.