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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Eiduladha 2012

I know it can be called as outdated, but I just wanna share a few of my pictures and stories during my happening Eiduladha. This year, my family on my father’s side are overdose happy with the born of my cute little niece, Soffeea. Soffeea became princess of the day and never left alone even for a second. She’s being passed from one person to another. Even her parents had no chance to hold her. We’d thrown too much attention to her since she’s started to walk. She’s just too cute to put aside. She will pull anything or anyone to get herself up.  With the cute hair band on her head, beautiful gown and a pair of stockings that made her look like wearing shoes just made her even more cuter. But, don’t be tricked by her appearance. She can be aggressive at a time and make it difficult for us to handle. She even pulled out her cute stockings by her teeth. Can you imagine that? That’s one of her way to show that she was tired. After all, she is one of the greatest gifts from Allah for our Eiduladha this year. Okay. Wait for my next story! Lots of love, Aina.


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